Workplace health and wellbeing is a hot topic in the much anticipated Free Education Program and Interactive Forum at the Workplace Health & Safety Show. Over two jam-packed days (22-23 May) at Sydney’s International Convention Centre, 14 thought-provoking talks and three interactive forums, led by the industry’s finest will shed light on everything from workplace mental health, to game-changing new technologies, and the dizzying world of ever-changing safety regulations.


Mental wellbeing is one of Australia’s most burning issues with work-related stress causing a staggering 92% of all work-related mental disorder claims, according to Safe Work Australia. It’s no surprise that prestigious auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers found that the associated productivity losses result in 12 million days of reduced productivity yearly, costing Australian employers a whopping $6 billion per annum.


“Everyone knows that a happy, productive workplace is a healthy one,” said International Exhibition and Conference Group CEO, Marie Kinsella. “Taking care of worker’s health, both mental and physical, is absolutely crucial to establishing a workplace that delivers consistently fantastic results, while keeping staff motivated.”


The Free Education Program is divided into two streams: Talking Health, tackling the most pressing physical and mental health issues today; and the Talking Safety, exploring the cutting edge of safety solutions offered by the hottest new innovations and technologies.


Talking Health

7 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress & Anxiety (22 May) will break down stress management into seven fuss-free steps. The talk will be presented by Samuel Eddy, a Mental Health Expert at Open Change, known for providing innovative workplace wellbeing solutions to clients including Westpac and Coles.


In Looking After Your Employees – Men’s Health and Wellbeing (22 May), acclaimed wellbeing expert Merv Neal will unpack the often complex nature of male health in both personal and work settings. Known for his charming talks, Merv was recently awarded the Australian Professional Speakers Academy’s Mentor of the Year.


Physical wellbeing is just as important. In The Value Of A Healthy Workplace & How To Support Staff Around A Healthy Weight (23 May) Bill Bellew, Director of the Collective for Action on Obesity, will explore how workplaces can have enormous impacts on health and wellbeing – including our weight.


Talking Safety

Using Software & Mobile Technology To Manage & Improve Work Safety (22 May) will shed light on how innovative mobile technologies can massively benefit real-life safety habits, presented by Adrian Manessis, Manager of Business Development at myosh.



The Current Position On Industrial Manslaughter – What Your Business Needs To Know (23 May) will break down the rapidly-changing industrial manslaughter laws. Steve Bell and Nerida Jessup of Herbert Smith Freehills will deliver crucial insights on the current regulatory environment, and how this impacts responsibilities.


Online Workplace Inductions – Join a Live Demonstration (23 May) is a rare chance to catch a live online workplace induction. Presented by Sarah O’Leary, Product Development Manager at myosh, don’t miss out on discovering how online inductions can transform entire businesses.


The Interactive Forum consists of a series of free forums exploring some of the hottest topics in OH&S for 2019. These events offer the perfect opportunity to learn, discuss and collaborate about relevant and sometimes taboo issues in the workplace.






  • The First 48 Hours After Tragedy Strikes

Speakers: Lea Constantine, Partner and Division Co-Head, Strategic Advisory, Ashurst Sarah Morrison, Workplace & Community Engagement Manager, Mental Health First Aid SafeWork NSW representative.


Fortunately, few workplaces know what to expect in the event of a fatality. In this safe forum, hear and learn from those who must deal with tragedy at the workplace.



  • When An Employee Becomes Mentally Ill: A Manager’s Guide

Speakers: Ian Firth, State Inspector, Psychosocial, SafeWork NSW A/Prof Sam Harvey, Consultant Psychiatrist, Black Dog Institute.


Workplaces have a critical role in the recovery of a mentally ill employee. Hear from NSW’s leading experts on how to deal with the often very delicate issues surrounding mental health in the workplace.




  • A Round Table of WHS Heroes
    Speakers: TBC
    The Hero Round Table is a worldwide event series that inspires and instructs people to do extraordinary things. Hear how any workplace can develop a culture where nobody is afraid to be an up-stander for WHS.





Talking Health


  • 7 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress & Anxiety
    Speaker: Samuel Eddy – Mental Health Expert, Open Change
    10:00 – 10:45am

Managing workplace stress Is as straightforward as seven key steps. Learn the difference between normal and unhealthy stress, how to identify workers suffering from stress, and how to offer effective support.


  • Psychosocial And Cultural Influences On Pain And How This Can Impact Injury Recovery Times
    Speaker: Dr Hayden Mackenzie – Research and Development Co-ordinator, Work Healthy Australia

12:00 – 12:45pm

Is pain equal to suffering? Learn about how suffering can contribute hugely to the humanistic and financial burden of returning to work, the influence of cultural and psychosocial elements in recovery time, and common mistakes to avoid that can set workers back in recovery.


  • Looking After Your Employee’s – Men’s Health & Wellbeing
    Speaker: Merv Neal – Holistic Services Group (Aust)

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Do you have a large male workforce? Gain invaluable insights on how to better look after male employees, with practical advice relevant to a man’s personal and work life.


Talking Safety


  • Using Software & Mobile Technology To Manage & Improve Work Safety

Speaker: Adrian Manessis – Business Development Manager, myosh

11:00 – 11:45am

Digital innovations, real life improvement. Discover the benefits of software-based Safety Management Systems, and how Work HSEQ is managed and improved through sustainable, action-based processes.


  • Industry Code For Walkway, Handrail, Guardrail, Platform Installations – Getting It Right The First Time
    Speaker: Murray Voss – Technical Committee Contributor, WAHA

1:00pm – 1:45pm

Following up from their industry code for installers, users and owners of height safety anchorage systems on buildings, WAHA will present their brand new code extension addressing the continued shortfall in the installation of walkways, handrails, guardrails and platforms.




  • Discover New Developments In Forktruck Safety – Hear Why Australia Is Leading The World

Speaker: Craig Williams, Engineering and Technical Manager, Clark Equipment Australia
Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA)

3:00 – 3:45pm

Thanks to a recent update to the Australian Standard, Australia currently is the world leader in forktruck safety and operational requirements. Learn about how we’ve cracked the code, from smart-controlled seatbelts to tyre pressure monitoring and forward tipping stability.




Talking Health


  • The Current Position On Industrial Manslaughter – What Your Business Needs To Know

Speaker: Steve Bell (Partner) and Nerida Jessup (Senior Associate) – Herbert Smith Freehills

9:30 – 10:15am

Get updated on the introduction of industrial manslaughter offences throughout Australian jurisdictions. This talk will explore the current regulatory environment and examine the need for these laws, the impact they may have and some of the complications which arise from undue attention on personal responsibility.


  • The Value Of A Healthy Workplace & How To Support Staff Around A Healthy Weight

Speaker: Bill Bellew – Director, Collective for Action on Obesity 

11:30am – 12:15pm

The environments where we work, live and play can have a big influence on our health and wellbeing – including our weight. Explore  Latest research findings, as well as new ideas and options for effective workplace wellbeing program components.


  • Eye Injuries At Work: Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Their Prevention

Speaker: Annette Hoskin – PSG Eyewear

1:30 – 2:15pm

What are the stats on work-related eye injuries? Get the lowdown on tips and tricks you need to determining best strategies to avoid eye injuries on site and how to identify the right type of eye protection.


Talking Safety


  • Online Workplace Inductions – Join A Live Demonstration

Speaker: Sarah O’Leary – Product Development Manager, myosh

12:30 – 1:15pm

Learn how online workplace inductions could transform your business. This presentation will begin with a live workplace induction featuring video, questions, images, maps and many other features designed to inform employees about their responsibilities, your expectations, and cover essential work, health, and safety information.