Safety Institute of Australia and myosh announce partnership

Safety Institute of Australia and myosh announce partnership

The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) is pleased to announce a new Diamond corporate partnership with myosh, a significant provider of health and safety related software products.


myosh Director, Adrian Manessis, explained that myosh was drawn to the SIA because of its leadership in the field of health and safety, and commitment to systemic improvements contributing to the quality of advice that employers receive. “We think the SIA is right on track with their capability agenda. The OHS Body of Knowledge, Accreditation of education, the Global Capability framework, Certification and high quality professional development are all critically needed elements for the health and safety profession and healthier, safer workplaces, and we want to make our own contribution” he said.


Over the next two years myosh will be working with the Institute on a number of not-for-profit projects and activities starting with a series of free webinars for the profession on a range of health and safety issues. The two agencies will also be exploring issues associated with Benchmarking and providing open-source free resources for practitioners and professionals. myosh is also a foundation sponsor of #SafetyScape in Melbourne, 23-24 May this year.


SIA CEO David Clarke welcomed the partnership. “The work we do to make workplaces safer and healthier is not-for-profit, but there is a critically important role for Australia’s companies to play in supporting that work.” “An increasing number of companies want to be part of investing time and expertise in long term solutions and showing leadership – not just because it might be good for business, but because they see it as a way they can express their desire to make a corporate social contribution to positive change” he said. “We welcome their investment and put it to work to improve education, training and so much more” he said.


About Safety Institute of Australia Ltd
The Safety Institute of Australia Ltd is Australia’s peak body for the health & safety profession. Established more than 60 years ago, our membership comprises more than 4,000 individuals, many of whom work in the field as Health and Safety Representatives, or OHS practitioners and professionals. Our vision is for healthy and safe workers in productive workplaces. Our mission is to advance the health and safety profession, to deliver the highest quality advice; and be a voice for the profession to positively influence the development of health and safety policy and practice.

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About myosh
myosh is a highly configurable, cloud based safety solution featuring over 100 core modules. All modules can be easily integrated with one another and configured to interact with external software. The myosh team are focused on exceeding expectations for services and reliability and our product range evolves constantly based on user feedback and contributions from leading safety authorities.


myosh will assist you to better understand and manage workplace safety by integrating hazards and incident reporting with investigations, actions and reporting. Staff participation is leveraged by providing easy access to safety information and also encourages them to contribute to the safety program.

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