Speaker Bio

Practical & Effective Ergonomics Programs – Six Tips You Can Implement Tomorrow

Ted Dohrmann

Managing Director, Dohrmann Consulting

Ted is a highly regarded health and safety specialist, qualified mechanical engineer and certified professional ergonomist.  He specialises in providing clear, practical and useful advice to companies regarding safety, design and usability. As Managing Director of Dohrmann Consulting (a leading Australian ergonomics and safety consultancy) he and his team provide much sought-after advice to the legal sector, government and public and private enterprises, including:


  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and production line efficiencies at a wide variety of workplaces (manufacturing, warehouses, agricultural, offices, helicopters, police stations and more).
  • Safe workplace design and layout.
  • Assessment of:
    • Machinery/plant/tools (including conveyors, scaffolding and ladders)
    • Computer-based workstations and associated office layouts for both the commercial and government sectors (including control rooms);
    • Slips, trips and falls, including testing and measurement,
    • Product design and usability.


Heavily relied upon for expert opinion by the legal sector, the team at Dohrmann Consulting also provide expert opinion for a wide range of personal injury cases and have given evidence in most courts and jurisdictions in Australia.