Working at Height Association (WAHA)

Formed in 2011, the WAHA is dedicated to the ongoing development of products, skills, training and standards for managing the height safety and confined space risks in industry.


The organisation is represented by volunteer members with a passion and knowledge of the unique risks and hazards involved with height safety. Whilst the organisation is primarily funded by members, it is an organisation with independent thought, that draws on the experience of a wide range of contributors from within industry, training companies, regulators and standards committee participants.


More specifically, the organisation aims to:

1. Be recognised as the peak industry body representing the interests of all those involved in providing products, services or advice relating to safe working at height

2. Require the highest standards of skill, integrity and responsibility of all members and companies

3. Increase the knowledge of, and compliance with, safety standards of all those involved in safe working at height, including setting standards for products, their applications and use, including information that supports Codes of Practice published by regulators

4. Facilitate the exchange of technical information and to encourage further research into industry issues around falls and confined spaces

5. Work within industry to:
i) reduce the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from people working at height within confined space
ii) drive compliance in the areas of equipment design, selection and use;
iii) offer guidance on the levels of both skills and training competency;
iv) provide a forum for industry based discussion, issue identification and resolution;
v) be an information resource to members and to the industry in general


The Association was originally formed by leading manufacturers in October 2005 (Fall Protection Manufacturers Association), however experience indicated that the organisation needed a wider industry base. The organisation changed its name to the WAHA in March 2011 to incorporate the interests of manufacturers, installers, trainers, consultants, distributors and will in time incorporate corporate members seeking to expand their knowledge of height safety and confined spaces.


Find out more about the WAHA by visiting or contacting the Secretary of the association on